San Giuseppe

I didn’t choose this valley, it found me.

A pathway opens in time, a leaf unfolds, blooming. Vines planted in quartzite and clay. A San Giuseppe heartbeat. We learn to walk, slowly. To the river below, across the hills of Montalcino. Sip the wine-dark stars: Monte Amiata’s ancient geometry. Teach me, drink me — we grow together. Intertwined in Tuscan earth.

Between me and San Giuseppe, it’s a story of an encounter.

The farm and the rugged and poetic lands that surround it, had were given to me as a wedding gift. It was 1992 in San Giuseppe. A ruin and ad abandoned land for over half a century. From the moment I came to live with my family in this corner of the Val d'Orcia, below Castelnuovo dell’Abate, a part of Tuscany positioned between Mount Amiata on the east and the Maremma hills on the west, I have been quietly following its needs day after day.


The decision to follow a natural agriculture was clear to me right from the beginning. Since 2002 I have embraced biodynamics as a path which, with observance of its principles, allows us to obtain a wine that is an expression of the genius loci (protective spirit of a place) of San Giuseppe.

Thanks to the size of the company and the rigorous and e work of the team of men and women who have been working with us for years, we carry out all the agricultural work following the Solar calendar.