Time: the great magician.

Grapes release their skins, in their element. Three extra years of aging—simplicity happens. Let it go: press, macerate, mutate, elevate. Into the cellar, from earth to oak. An alchemical pause, perfectly poised. It takes time, an eternity: surprises happen When you stop looking, and wait.


Genius loci

Each of the nine vineyards can be considered a small Cru con una propria personalità e un proprio carattere. Ognuno viene vendemmiato e vinificato singolarmente e depositato in uno o più tini. Le vigne vengono curate con attenzione per preservare l’ecosistema. Il risultato è quello di ottenere uve sane, forti e gustose, espressioni di ogni annata, che danno vini diversi negli anni, strettamente legati alla nostra terra.

Situated on three levels with a drop system, the cellar has been designed to enhance the potential of each individual vineyard: the grapes, hand-picked in small crates, once destemmed, fall into the 30 quintal wooden vats below. Nothing is added before, during and after the arrival of the bunch, except sulphur dioxide in minimum doses.


Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the wine goes down to the ageing celar where we prefer the use of small barrels made of thick wood. The celar where the aging takes place is 14 meters below surface. Here the temperature is naturally constant and the wine rests until it acquires its optimal maturity in absolute respect of our quality specifications.

Once the ageing in wood is finished, which can last for some wines over 45 months, we finalize the bottling process.

We have chosen to produce only pure varietal wine Our wines are always 100% from the vintage declared on the label. The bottles, filled by autumn, one by one, are stored in a temperature-controlled environment, until their ideal refinement. We do not intend to deviate from this way of thinking which is fondamental for our activity: we exclusively vinify the grapes of our vineyards