at San Giuseppe

Our vineyards tell a story. Each bottle a phrase, an expression. Wine-tasting is a song, whispered in the vines, squeezed into a bottle. Listen: Brunello di Montalcino—like a poem. A chorus of Sangiovese notes, dripping. Come: visit, taste, see, drink. Sing.

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The gates of our vineyards and the doors of our winery are open to visitors who want to learn more about the wines and San Giuseppe’s ecosystem.

Booking a visit and tasting with us

We arrange two visits per week and for this reason we recommend booking earlier.

    Useful information

    The tasting is a route that starts from the vineyards and arrives at the winery, where visitors can taste the wine from the barrels in which the latest vintages are ageing.

    Visits take place only during daylight hours.

    The fee for this experience is limited to a purchase of one or more bottles. The tasting is accompanied by local products that are made by small artisans from the surrounding area.